2022 ReSounding Wholeness

A Guided Journey to Remembering, Reclaiming, and Activating Your Unique Soul's Purpose

"Awaken your spirit to adventure;

Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk;
Soon you will be home in a new rhythm,

For your soul senses the world that awaits you"


In 2022, I am excited to be facilitating a NEW 9-month program in Nashville, Tennessee where I will take the foundation of the Frame Drum Wisdom Apprenticeship Program and expand it into a dynamic, holistic, Divinely supported Journey for a select group of human beings who are ready to reclaim and activate their unique Soul's Purpose and Path.


Designed as a personal exploration and deep dive for women and men, it will be highly focused with what has been labeled the "Divine Feminine" in recent years, but what I sense is the receptive/receiving aspect of the Creative Force. This force is available and necessary for ALL human beings, regardless of gender.


I am hearing that "The Great Resignation" or what I like to term "An Epic Reset,”
is upon us. More and more people are ready to be Sovereign Beings and to live their lives differently and more fully. I have been on this path for over 9 years (having left the corporate realm to venture out on my own at the end of 2012) and have a lot of relevant experience

and tools to share. I am also connected to some other amazing, compassionate Facilitator/Guides that will be sharing their unique wisdom along the way with us. 


Becoming a Sovereign Being in our current cultural structure takes a lot of courage and dedication to reprogram ourselves. Listening to Spirit guidance from within and boldly
acting on that wisdom is one of the keys to our personal liberation. Our intuition is everything!


The creative activities and experiences we will share together will serve to open and clear your unique channel; bring a greater understanding and self-acceptance of who you REALLY are; and give you the strength and support to courageously activate a new way of living, being and co-creating in your life.


This 9-month Guided Journey Will Contain Interwoven Experiences Including:

Frame Drum Wisdom Teachings (sound healing with voice, drum, and other instruments)

Visual Creative Expression (watercolor play & more)

The Gene Keys (genekeys.com)


Poetry/Written & Spoken Word 




A Supportive Community


When I went through my personal “dark night of the soul” in the last decade, I did not have the benefit of a supportive community to hold space with me. Now I am deeply committed to creating a safe, nurturing community for and with others, especially as we are being called to go deeper than we have ever gone before. It’s time for us to heal individually, collectively, and in community. As one person heals, all of humanity heals. I firmly believe this to be true.


It is such a monumental time to be alive on this planet and reclaim who and what we REALLY are. Being able to take this Journey in the company of other bold, bright lights will be epic!  So, let's share in this 9-month ReBirthing Journey together!

If this intrigues and excites you, read on to understand the Commitment and Application Process. This Journey is limited to 20 participants.


(It is important for you to understand that this is not a certification program, it is a journey that will lead to you being on the path to living your life with greater confidence, a stronger voice, expanded creative expression, highly energized, and as a Divine Human Being, ever more focused on your Unique Soul's Path and Purpose.)

“Frame Drum Wisdom has given me a way to voice my soul. The connections

I’ve made through the apprenticeship are authentic, and I’ve learned what it truly means to hold space for another and also how to be truly held. Learning about the frame drum, and reconnecting to times when women gathered to play and connect with the Devine has been empowering. Sound is truly healing and I can’t say enough. If you are considering the apprenticeship, I highly recommend you do this for yourself!”

— Stephanie Chance

“Karen Renée teaches you how to open a door to your soul and to step inside and listen. Authentic circle communication, therapeutic frame drum use, and intriguing study of the sacred and healing power of music. A journey to be taken, a destination not to be missed, this is an apprenticeship to self discovery.”

— D

"The Frame Drum Wisdom Apprenticeship program with Karen Renée is so much fun! Her voice and talents are remarkable. Because of her attitude and knowledge, you feel comfortable and appreciated for who you are and the talents you possess. What I love about Karen Renée is how she allows you to be yourself without judgement. The camaraderie of the group was filled with laughter, sharing and sisterhood (all women). I am learning to accept my voice. I love playing my frame drum; she told me her name is Beauty. I am in great gratitude." — Mary Glesige

2022 Nashville Program


The Parameters To Commit To This Program Are As Follows:

1. You Must Be Available to attend ALL Of The Saturday Gatherings and the Final Weekend Gathering that will be held in Nashville, TN (locations will be made available to participants). There will also be one 60-90-minute Zoom Video Call in between each In-Person Gathering.

It is my sincere belief that the transformative, mystical experience and value of what I share is about people coming together in person to experience and feel the vibrations and connections we create. It is about creating a safe container for people to open up and be vulnerable. It is about holding space to allow for all emotions to be expressed and honored. It is being a witness and a compassionate contributor to the processes unfolding.


The Dates For The Program:

Saturday, March 5th | 10am-4pm

Saturday, April 2nd | 10am-4pm
Saturday, May 7th | 10am-4pm
Saturday, June 11th | 10am-4pm
Saturday, July 16th | 10am-4pm

Saturday, August 13th | 10am-4pm

Saturday, September 10th | 10am-4pm

Saturday, October 8th | 10am-4pm

November Weekend
Friday, November 11th | 6:30pm-9:30pm
Saturday, November 12th | 10:00am-5pm
Sunday, November 13th | 1pm-5pm


Each Saturday Session Investment: $222. The final Weekend Retreat Investment: $444. Cost does not include food or lodging.
If you are coming in from out of town you will need to secure lodging for yourself.


The Total Cost for the Program is $2,220

2. You Will Need to Purchase and Read the Following 2 Books.


Music Medicine: The Science And Spirit Of Healing Yourself With Sound
by Christine Stevens.  You can purchase HERE

The Gene Keys:  Embracing Your Higher Purpose

by Richard Rudd.  You can purchase HERE


We will be discussing these books and the information contained in them as a

part of our process and time together throughout the year.

Additional Recommended Reading (but not required):

When The Drummers Were Women: A Spiritual History Of Rhythm by Layne Redmond.  You can purchase HERE

Sound: Native Teachings + Visionary Art  by Joseph Rael.  You can purchase HERE 

3. You Will Need to Purchase a Journal, a Creative Art Journal and Inexpensive Painting Supplies.
Details for this will be shared with you before the first gathering.

4. You Will Need to have a Frame Drum & Mallet by or at the First Gathering.
I will have some available on March 5th if you would like to purchase through me.

5. You Will Be Required to sign a Commitment Contract that will include a specific Payment Plan for your Acceptance into the Program.


I have found that commitment has become a bit fuzzy in our culture in recent years and find this step helpful as you decide to make this transformative, life changing commitment for yourself. After 9 years of following my Soul's Calling (stepping out of the corporate realm), without commitment and perseverance to myself and the guidance of Spirit, I would not be walking the journey the way I am now. It is not easy...but it is extremely worth it!


Are You Still Interested Now That You Understand The Commitment?

Please Complete the ReSounding Wholeness Application HERE

Note: I want to understand your background, hopes and desires, and to gauge how the participants will resonate together.

By Friday, February 11th, I will email the Selected Participants a Commitment Contract to be signed and returned to confirm their participation. Payment for the program can be done in full upon acceptance, or by a payment plan that will be outlined in the contract.

If you have any questions that have not been covered here, please email me at karenrenee@resoundingwholeness.com. I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner.


I am sincerely grateful for your consideration and interest in this 9-month Journey. I know without a doubt that those who step into this experience and process will be changed at depth. 

With Deep Appreciation,

Karen Renée Robb

"The Drum Lady" | Two Feathers
Founder of Frame Drum Wisdom & ReSounding Wholeness


photo by Billy Kion Ra

photo by Billy Kion Ra

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