In a world that idolizes celebrities, gurus, athletes, fashion, the latest trends, technology, media and more, my goal is to highlight human beings who are sharing their unique, incredible, soul's purpose and service in the world.


While they may not have the biggest following, they are making an incredible impact in the world that is so necessary at this time.


The first " ReSounding Wholeness  Conversation " will be on Friday, August 7th at 1:11pm Central with A.L.Garris (intentionally set the day before 8/8/2020). A woman I have been following on Instagram for awhile now, who I find very fascinating. I think you will too.


These conversations will be held via FaceBook Live on my personal FaceBook page “Karen Renee Robb”. My intention is to highlight different people a few times a month.


I am excited to have and share these conversations to help inspire others to step into their unique Soul's Calling at this challenging time on the planet.


You can find A.L.Garris on IG at @a.l.garris and on YouTube here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXOAjHBvEdbVMQGVJkFYJgw